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Construction Plans

Preconstruction Planning

A good pre construction and or redevelopment strategy will help our client decide if they can follow through with the construction project with or around their projected budget amount.

Architectural Modelling


Virtual 3D Modeling has for decades been increasing in its popularity, yet hand-made models are far from extinct. Perhaps a reason for this is that despite the "3D" in "3D modeling," viewing those models on a screen or print is still, effectively, two-dimensional. 

Construction Site


(CM) is a professional service that  we provide our clients and we use a specialized, project management technique to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to end. 



The Gardner Development Group has an extensive real estate backing. We personally know how important proper education and direction is in a highly competitive industry as this. Throughout our career our developers have grown to consider themselves as lead strategist, using that skill to help our organization to climb the ladder in the real estate industry. We have comprehensive knowledge of the different aspects and phases of real estate, as well as strong skills in financial management.  We are aware of our outstanding ability to set continued goals and achieve them as well as mobilizing resources to execute what is needed to achieve the most challenging obstacles.


The Gardner Development Group is an organization capable of purchasing land, neglected properties, industrial complexes, shopping malls and in the future build residential communities. Our goal is to offset urban communities and revitalize targeted neighborhoods while also educating the community and its residents. Doing this, we will intern increase tax dollars that will flow into the local communities that will later raise property values and intern create better funding for a healthier economic environment. Our deployment plans will create, support, and preserve small businesses that now struggle in those targeted communities. The Gardner Development Group will provide resources needed to maintain a strong community infostructure that will strengthen the local families for decades to come. Educating minorities on generational wealth and broadening their outlook on life as to how a better way of living can be the beginning of a better way of learning. This will birth a recovering mindset to countless members in the oppressed communities to take ownership and value in where they call home.    ~Charese A Gardner



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